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Photography has always been my passion. I am a self-taught artist photographer, but I wanted to go a step beyond normal shots, and focused more on photo manipulation. That is why Photoshop is such a great tool for me, because I can carve out my thoughts in the photos. The first photo I took for instance, is Spider Baby, which is a strange depiction of a baby seemingly crawling along a wall, with his siblings on the floor trying to reach up to him. The obvious questions for this photo would be, how did he get up there, and how was the photo shot? This is a simple example of how I love to make people use their minds when they see my photos.

I love to be creative and innovative with my digitally-enhanced photos, and my main aim is to have viewers ponder and reflect. I try to place myself in the shoes of the viewers, and think, what would they think, and what sort of questions will they likely pose. Then, I move forward and embark on a creative project. This is the way I love to work.

I think photos are not simply shots which have been captured and produced by the camera itself, but as an interesting way to make people aware about various things and these also provide the best way to explain and show the feelings of a photographer. In my series “Inside My Dreams”, viewers will find a mirror that will reflect the image of their lives and the situations that they deal with and the problems that they all need to face in real life. There will be insightful messages as well as interesting ideas that arise from those unique photos and compositions.

With surrealism you can take a break from reality. I believe that with my photos I can have people think outside the box, and with normal things we find around us every day, I still manage to convey a special message. I do not want to be complicated, but just inspirational and distinctive. So I like to use normal, simple things we find around us every day. If there is something that inspires me in some way, or is notice something, I start to think about how I can use it in a photo. I break down possibilities, and try to be innovative. Then I start to shoot photos and experiment with digital manipulation until I have a creative photo that makes viewers ponder and contemplate.

My Small World © Achraf Baznani

My Small World © Achraf Baznani

The model, particularly the small man presented in all of my artworks is nobody else but myself. When I was young I was always very obsessed with movie miniatures and movie magic and things of small scale, I used tilt-shift to create small worlds by Photoshop and then I thought to myself, why not putting myself in a dreamy and surreal world?
I like to use myself for most of the shots because the messages I usually convey are either personal thoughts or things I believe in or really care about. What inspires me in everyday life practically fuels my passion for my work. It is ultimately a touch of personalization and it helps me to ultimately offer a better product. I use self portraiture to create characters that are a representation of s surreal, dreamy, ironic and passionate world I would love to live in.
Through my images I transport outside the conflicts of human personality, the ironic ambiguity between the wisdom of adults and the innocence of children and animals.

By favoring a square frame, I encourage the viewer’s eye to move in a circle, rather than side to side or up and down, allowing to feel a well balanced perception of the scene. In fact, the composition is one of the most difficult areas of a photograph. Composing a good photograph is not easy. It takes hard work to make a good composition, which attracts the viewer’s attention.
A square has sides of equal lengths. It thus evokes precision. This goes hand in hand with my ideology of doing things properly. I give all of myself in my work. My shots are as unique as possible, and I strive to be distinctive. This format is just one way to express myself better through my work.

As I said it is all about being inspired by something. So I basically use the story I heard, or the idea I had to take a photo. Each image starts with an idea and a draft on paper of the story and then the camera and the editing are the tools to bring to life what’s in the creator’s mind, a fantasy dream world hanging within the limits of surrealism and supernatural. My favorite parts are layering and image sharpening, by layering I create images and alter those using functions such as layers, edit an image by adding new layers without altering the original image or add and subtract layers as my work on an image to create the final product. In Photoshop, I use the smart tools to sharpen image to minimize every issues with photo blurring. Although I also love the end of most projects when everything comes together and it looks great and you can stand back and say “Hey, I made that!”

I believe that there are many things that can influence a photographer. Personally, I’m a big fan of Hungarian photographer Robert Capa, particularly his immortal piece The “Falling Soldier”. This shot is one of the most valuable images of war in the twentieth century. That’s exactly what made me experiment with surreal and fantasy art and creating images that the human mind doesn’t believe. I think because we need a break from reality. Surrealism takes us from the real world to a dreaming one. We can recreate and share our dreams or surrealist ideas in real life through photography.

I always dreamed of being a director of short films, I have already made three short films and I have received many awards, but photo-manipulation gives me breath to express my ideas through my artwork.