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Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani :  Moroccan Photographer

Achraf Baznani Between Real and Imaginary

Achraf Baznani is the most inspiring moroccan photographer of the social media, specialized in photo retouching surrealism and photomontages.

When he takes pictures, he has the imagination! The mind-bending surreal photography of Achraf Baznani proves it. He uses staging, a great trend in contemporary photography, he is also clever because he has a great mastery of technique: overprints, collages, retouching… his creations have no limits. Achraf Baznani opens wide the doors of fantastic, dreamlike and poetic universes. We are embarked in other places that invite us to reflect on the world around us or to meditate. If photography has the ability to restore reality, it also has the power to make us dream. To infinity and beyond!

“I am not a picture taker .. I am a storyteller!”


Achraf Baznani The African Photography Overdufage

Achraf Baznani is a Moroccan photographer and director born in Marrakech. He learned photography by chance and self-taught when he received a compact EKTRA 250 camera for his birthday. Since then he has collected the awards in European competitions and exhibited his works all over the world, including at the Louvre Museum. Achraf Baznani spends his time travelling the world collecting prizes and recognition for his surreal photos.

Achraf Baznani plays with optical illusions to create surrealistic, amusing and surprising photos. His signature: to put himself in the spotlight in a small size. Achraf Baznani owes his success to his series Inside My Dreams, in which he stages himself in a gigantic world through surrealist and poetic self-portraits.

“I am an artist and a troublemaker!”


Achraf Baznani The Beauty of Surreal Photography

“I believe that with my photos I can have people think outside the box, and with normal things we find around us every day, I still manage to convey a special message. With surrealism I can take a break from reality.”



Photography love…

Photography has always been my passion. I am a self-taught artist photographer, but I wanted to go a step beyond normal shots, and focused more on photo manipulation. That is why Photoshop is such a great tool for me, because I can carve out my thoughts in the photos. The first photo I took for instance, is Spider Baby, which is a strange depiction of a baby seemingly crawling along a wall, with his siblings on the floor trying to reach up to him. The obvious questions for this photo would be, how did he get up there, and how was the photo shot? This is a simple example of how I love to make people use their minds when they see my photos.

Break from reality..

With surrealism you can take a break from reality. I believe that with my photos I can have people think outside the box, and with normal things we find around us every day, I still manage to convey a special message. I do not want to be complicated, but just inspirational and distinctive. So I like to use normal, simple things we find around us every day. If there is something that inspires me in some way, or is notice something, I start to think about how I can use it in a photo. I break down possibilities, and try to be innovative. Then I start to shoot photos and experiment with digital manipulation until I have a creative photo that makes viewers ponder and contemplate.

Tiny man..

I like to use myself for most of the shots because the messages I usually convey are either personal thoughts or things I believe in or really care about. What inspires me in everyday life practically fuels my passion for my work. It is ultimately a touch of personalization and it helps me to ultimately offer a better product. I use self portraiture to create characters that are a representation of surreal, dreamy, ironic and passionate world I would love to live in.


Best Selling

September 2018: Achraf Baznani has Won the JULIUS CAESAR IMPERATOR ART AWARD. Lecce, Italy. Dismiss